Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities Struggle to Find Adequate Living Facilities: Former NFL Star, Kurt Warner is Changing this with Treasure House

Treasure House CEO, Lauri Tanner explains why young adults with disabilities need more support.

The transition to adulthood is a critical period for families who have young adults with an intellectual or developmental disability. In many instances there are no residential resources that allow them to soar and thrive after…

Renee Howitt’s organization has become a social necessity

image via verywellmind.

No More Family Holiday Drama in 2020 hopefully.

The holidays are supposed to be the happiest time of the year but for those families who experience dysfunction and carry trauma it can be the most uncomfortable time of the year. How can families maintain peace during the holiday if they suffer from underlying issues that impact how they…

Director, Maik Schuster’s riveting film explores ‘what we see.’

Imagine the inception of a film beginning with a simple instagram post and question? What does it feel like to be isolated? To a skeptic this may seem a bit unordinary right? Not for Director, Maik Schuster. A simple question transpired into an inescapable visual vignette on film. The stories…

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writing is life

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