Abesi Manyando
3 min readAug 8, 2018


Are Women Passing Up Their Prince Charming for the Wrong Reasons? Star Musician, Will Power says Yes and Explains.

Women do a whole lot of talking about not being able to find prince charming but multidimensional music phenom, Will Power says there are many layers to this problematic theory. Power has secured his place in music with a much buzzed about song entitled Prince Charming which he says he wrote out of love. That single touched on the fact that so many people are so driven by material qualities that they miss out on being with the person meant for them. This created a much needed conversation about the search for love. Power adresses all of this on his sequel, Cinderella. We sat down with the rising star for an intimate q and a about relationships, music and the history and psychology behind the mindset of many women.

  1. Power says the first mistake women make is that they are looking for characteristics within men that they don’t posess themselves.When you’re looking for characteristics within a person that you don’t posesses yourself its going to be difficult to recognize the trait. Thats one of the biggest issues I see with women.

2. Don’t judge based on potential. They are judging based off of potential. The issue with potential is its not a hard relaity its not a trait. Its a perception of what something could be instead of what it actually is. The error is no one can see what you can see. So if you date someone off of potential there’s not much that is concrete. Its like what Maya Angelou says, when someone shows you who they are believe them. Women will say well he’s not really a bad person or he’s trying. Instead of saying this is who he is they say this is what it could be.

3.Get to learn a person. If you spend more time in the beginning learning who a person is you wont waste time in the end. A lot of women and men rush into the relationship. Its okay to have a frienship and get to know someone first. Learn their background, their interests and goals. What are there triggers. What have they been through? This will help you in how you respond to the other person. It will help you ultimately decide if you want to fully invest in them. Relationships are like jobs you have to put in the work, invest the time and grow into that position. Even Prince charming probably wasn’t perfect just like Cinderella wasn’t. So I think the goal is to not look for perfection but to find someone worth investing in.

You can check out Will Power’s new single Cinderella on all platforms.