Are your shoes affecting your health?

Abesi Manyando
4 min readNov 8, 2022

Podiatrist, Dr Rondrick Williamson shares tips on feet, fashion and health.

We all know that for some of us, shoes are our best friends & our guilty pleasure. I always loved thin long heels until a few years ago my chiropractor told me that my shoes were affecting my back. My doctor said the shows i liked to wear contributed to some of the back pains i was having outside of scoliosis.

Up until that point i never knew how shoes affect your overall health. I don’t wear flats and to be honest outside of working out i wasn’t into wearing tennis shoes until a few years ago. I had to relinquish wearing thin stiletto heels but not heels altogether. We talked exclusively with podiatrist Dr. Ron about his thoughts on wearing certain shoes and the damage it can cause to our feet. What are the best shoes for our health? Is it possible to be fashionable and still prioritize your health as it pertains to shoes? Dr. Ron visited 7th and Lotus to give us tips.

So what would you say about these cute pink shoes. Can we rock these shoes If we have back problems if so, is there an amount of hours that we can wear shoes with these Stiletto type of heels? What are your recommendations?

You can definitely wear high heels if you have mild back issues. My recommendation would be to limit wear to no longer than three hours. I wouldn’t push past three hours.

Does it help is they have straps?

The straps on heels will hold the foot and ankle more firmly. This will increase stability and lessen the likelihood of having injuries occur.

I can’t wear these anymore. Could you tell us what happens to your feet overtime when you wear these type of shoes?

Overtime, long term high heel wear can cause foot deformities like hammertoes, bunions, and weak ankles. Nerve and muscle issues can also occur.

Abesi Manyando