DJ Drama Host’s Will Power’s Debut Project Entitled “Full Price”! Out Now

By Derrius Edwards — @rawcommnc

Bursting onto Atlanta’s music scene, Will Power has made his presence felt in more than one way.

Featuring artists like Tokyo Jetz, Young Chap and Don Scrolly to name a few, the composer of the “Monday through Thursday music”, spared no feelings in pouring out a plethora of metaphors and similes to accompany his melodic delivery on this project.

Hosted by the mayor of the streets, DJ Drama, this body of work is nothing to be taken lightly and Will Power has only begun to tap into his musical potential.

Spreading a message of love, a universal memorandum that is needed in society today, Will has undoubtedly established himself as a voice in hip-hop.

Listen to Will Power’s debut album below.



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