For the love of Music, Cars & Culture

Abesi Manyando
3 min readSep 10, 2019

Here’s a new show made for the car lover in you.

Music and cars go together like lemon and water. They have become synonymous with one another. According to Car Culture in Post War America Musican Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats (an alternate name for Ike Turner’s Kings of Rhythm, were the first to popularize the intersection of cars and music. “Brenston recorded the song “Rocket 88” — an ode to the fantasy of driving the stylish car. Without question, it signaled a connection between car culture and Rock and Roll,” cited the publication. “By the 1960s, the intersection of car culture and Rock and Roll was well-established and vibrant”

Since then we’ve seen many musicians intersect cars into their artistry.

Business executive and Car aficionado, Stan Wright is intersecting the love of cars music and culture on a new show that you’re all going to love. We talked to Wright about the upcoming show. Check out the interview below.

Tell Us About Music, Cars and Kulture and who is it for?

Music cars and Kulture is for anyone that has an interest in music, cars, and culture. The demographics will include men, women, and kids who are from age 16–60. This gives us a broader market and the ability to fit into any network. If a person has ever admired multiple genres of music, or multiple types of cars, or multiple cultures then this is the show for them. This is where a variety of music, cars, and culture will be explored and explained.


Music, cars, and kulture is special because this is a revolutionary television program. We have seen show like “106th and park” and “TRL” that explore music and artist. We have seen shows like “Pimp My Ride” and “overhauled” that explores and makes over cars. We have also seen shows like “Anthony Bourdain” that explore international cultures, but we have never experienced them all in one program. Each episode will encompass these three (of the…

Abesi Manyando