Abesi Manyando
3 min readJun 14, 2018


Hot New Rapper Slap Talks New Single, Loyalty and the Justice System as Meek Mill Explains the Unfairness of Sentencing.

If there is anyone who is serious about being on their grind its hot new STL rapper, Slap. The Midwest based rapper has been creating a buzz with his single “can’t go backwards” featuring Ralo and Lou Kang. He also has an incredible song with the very much talked about Lil Baby who was wrongfully left of XXL’s freshman list. “I go hard” is the hustler’s anthem and describes everything that Slap is. He is determined, dedicated and ambitious. “I want to rise and elevate my life and myself. I come from the streets so I know how hard life can be and I’m at that point where I want more for myself and everyone around me,” said Slap.

As in the case of Meek Mill, Slap found himself in the criminal justice system early in life. He had been in juvenile and when he caught his first case what may have been a matter that could have resulted in Slap given probation or a year ended up being a five year sentence. Slap has discussed the discrepancies of the criminal justice system and how sentencing is a bit unfair as it pertains to minorities. “I do believe that if you do the crime you have to do the time but at the same time when you look at the population if black male in America and the percentage of incarceration compared to others it just doesn’t even out or seem fair.”

Meek Mill eleaborated further about the matter saying, “I was arrested by a narcotic strike force unit,” the rapper said on The View.

Meek shared that “Being a city kid” and growing up in “ruthless environments,” led to him having the “same old story: Black kid, locked up, charged with 30–40 charges. I was found guilty of 40 of them.”

“This was before the age of body cameras and phone videos so if you get alleged by a cop as a young black kid, you’re found guilty,” Mill added.

“I do think there is a lot that can be changed,” added Slap. There is nothing glamorous about struggle or being in the streets and anyone who glamorizes it hasn’t really experienced the difficulties of that type of struggle. You really have to look at the circumstances that puts young Black boys in that position and may be have solutions to the poverty and abandonment that a lot of us experience which leads us to this point. Its a very stressful and difficult position to be in. I’m glad that I found rap when I was incarcerated because its directed me to a different life,” shared Slap.

Slap is set to shoot the visual for his upcoming single which is about fake love and a lack of loyalty. To me loyalty is everything. If I can’t trust you I don’t even want you around.”

Check out Slap featuring Ralo and Lou Kang below.