Meet the Home HealthCare Executive Who is Soaring During The Pandemic.

Abesi Manyando
4 min readAug 11, 2020

JaOhn Cooper, Executive Director and CEO of Kings and Queens Health has built the Go-To Health facility in Missouri

photo credit of JaOhn Cooper by Mena Darre

Life throws us unexpected curve balls. We’ve seen this during the pandemic. Despite trials and circumstances we must persist and continue to dream big and push through. Over the years it is those who sow the seeds during their hardest days that reap the benefits of their labor.

JaOhn Cooper was a single mother, healthcare worker and caregiver for her parents who were experiencing a decline in their health. Torn between caring for her parents and providing for her children, Cooper knew she had to make instrumental changes in her life. In order to maintain her finances and accelerate in life she knew something had to change. The budding entrepreneur had an idea. Through prayer and focus, Cooper developed a vision for a business.

It was at the moment that her dream for Kings & Queens Home Health was revealed to her. It was the perfect solution to her problem! But, birthing this vision would prove to be an entirely new challenge, as well as a financial strain. But she had the persistence and tenacity that is required to succeed in business and nothing was going to hold her back. The process to launch Our Kings and Queens Home Health was long and slow. Facing many obstacles, Cooper pressed forward eventually landing her first contract, Consumer Directed Services, in 2015. However, like many business owners it would be another 4 months of consistency and dedication before the business would actually generate any revenue. In 2016 Jay began to see a little more success with the approval of her second contract, In Home Services. This allowed her to serve more clients and expand her brand. In 2018 Our Kings and Queens took off, now holding a third contract, Department of Mental Health.

Today Our Kings & Queens Home Health has served over 125 clients around the St. Louis area and is known for its professionalism and compassion.Cooper has worked hard behind-the-scenes to create a reputable and successful brand. Now she’s ready to step out in front, and educate others who may have a similar vision on how to do the same. With a heart for people she also plans to serve her community with the launch of her Non Profit, Father John