“Never Give Up on Yourself.”

Top Entertainment and Sports Consultant, Al Weber Shares his Journey from Star Student Athlete to Business Executive.

Abesi Manyando


Al Weber of AW Music and Sports Ent

The sports/entertainment industry is painted as a life of glitz and glamour. But there are often brushes of pain that are erased from elements of the greatest success stories. Sometimes our brightest moments can be overshadowed by hues of darkness and moments of despair. Popular entertainment executive and sports consultant, Al Weber believes our darkest moments can be the canvas needed for us to re-create our lives into an unimaginable bright future. As a former star student athlete and basketball player, Al adopted a championship mentality that he applies to his business and wellness. He is the CEO of AW Music and Sports Ent.

From sports deals to events, Al has succeeded beyond his own expectations. But his greatest pride is that he is a survivor, a mentor and philanthropist. While his life seems glossy and alluring, the Marrero, Louisiana native is rooted in the humility of his childhood and faith. Life forced him to be humble but ambitious, nevertheless.

Al was once one of the country’s most sought-after high school basketball players. In those days he was in a realm along with Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony. His story plays out like a dramatic award-winning film. A young student athlete from the hood inherits the love of basketball from his uncle who helped raise him along with his grandmother. Growing up in an era where New Orleans has succumbed to the drug epidemic, everyday life can play out like a war. Each day there is something to be combatted against and survival from the streets or prison is very slim.

Al’s love for basketball initially kept him preoccupied as a young child. He would go to gyms and study the older boys and memorize techniques. Watching and learning. He soaked in every element of basketball, dedicating his time to the sports from the age of nine. By the age of fifteen he had already won a major school championship. Still his focus on academics and school was a struggle. He is eventually kicked out of school…