NFT is Changing the Music and Art Business

Abesi Manyando
3 min readNov 26, 2021

Visual Artist, KidEight is leading the revolution with his popular NFT Cherub, Evol.

NFT is changing the lives of starving artists and revolutionizing the music industry. From photographers who’ve snapped pics of legends like Tupac, Biggie, and more… to musicians and visual artists. A new creative outlet and a financial portal has been opened for artists. NFT is empowering creatives who usually have had to struggle to make a living. When it comes to pushing creativity through NFT, KidEight is leading this revolution. He is a popular UK based graphic designer and 3D visual artist.

In the past decade, KidEight has been the go-to person for artists such as Future, Chris Brown, French Montana and Young Thug . He has designed mixtapes and cover art for Atlantic Records, Sony, UMG and Def Jam. His work fuses street culture and hip hop style with saturated colors. After years of grinding, he created a name for himself in the NFT orbit with his popular character, a little round cherub named Evol who is currently stuck on earth.

Evol is so popular that he has dropped 8,888 pieces that sold out in minutes. KidEight is creating a cult-like following with Evol. While many musicians have been dropping NFT collections, they have not dropped music with their NFTs. KidEight is changing this by expanding Evol’s world through hip hop. He announced that Evol was dropping a mixtape on November 30th entitled Anti-Hero. The drop will be available on Nifty Gateway.

Just when we thought Evol was only a jpeg, he has proved us wrong. On Anti-hero, EVOL spits bar after bar about his story and blockchain escapades here on earth. If the video teaser is a sample of what we can expect from Evol than listeners and collectors will be ecstatic. Evol brings a distinctive creativity to the state of hip hop. It’s creative, different and fun. Honestly, I think a lot of people are tired of hearing about money, sex, drugs, jets and Richard Millie watches in every single song. It is a bit redundant. The covid pandemic shifted perceptions and priorities…