Abesi Manyando
3 min readApr 27, 2018

Star Producer, Jason “Jay E” Epperson Talks New Album & Lessons Learned On His Musical Journey

Producer and DJ, Jason, “Jay E” Epperson is most known for his collaboration with rapper, Nelly throughout his career. His production company Basement Beats is responsible for the bulk of hits that the Midwest rapper attained at the beginning and height of his career. Jay E has also worked with a list of other artists including Justin Timberlake, Lil Wayne, Ron Isley, Three Six Mafia and more. He achieved monstrous success at a very young age. He is one of a few producers that has has had diamond success. The St. Louis native’s motif of blending hip hop, R and B and Soul created a lasting St. Louis sound that went global. Today Jay E is prepping his debut collaborative album with a slew of local St. Louis talent. The album entitled “Jay E” Presents is filled with homegrown features such as the lyrically acclaimed Tef Poe, Chingy, the St. Lunatics, P.R.E.A.C.H and more. As Jay E prepares for the release of his project he had a chance to talk about everything he’s learned throughout his career and tips for other musicians.

What is the most difficult part about being a producer?

I personally don’t find anything difficult about my job, I love everything about producing.. I think if I had to pick tho, I would say balancing the two — music business and studio producing business. You gotta stay up on both.

What were your highest moments and Your lowest moment?

Highest would be having an album a 10 million Records sold under my belt. Lowest would be all the fake smiles that come with fame. I can’t stand an undercover hater.

What would you tell your 22 year old self?

Well at 22 ,Country Grammar had just gone 4 times platinum. I would say good job on staying dedicated to your craft now get yourself a good manager and a publicist something I didn’t do which would have been helpful.

What are you most proud of on this new project

Musical Freedom with artists from my hometown. I really wanna see St louis turn into a music hub.

Who was your favorite person to work with?

Everyone is my favorite equally. I m at that point in my life where I only work with people I like. I had a good time making this album and I think St. Louis is going to be proud of it.

What is your life motto?

Stay creative and stay humble

What is your advice to producers and artists?

Lock yourself into a studio til you create your own sound, don’t let outside distractions get in the way of creating

What is your vision for the STL music scene?

To make it the next Motown or ATL we have tons of raw talent here that needs to be seen!

Check out Jay E featuring Tef Poe below.