Abesi Manyando
3 min readApr 18, 2018


This Director Is Telling Ireland’s True Story whether they like it or not!

Anthony Monaghan is set to direct My Ireland.

The internationally acclaimed film, Rednecks+ Culchies was an eye opener about America’s apathy towards the working class and the drug addiction that they face but is rarely discussed. The unexpected success of this film was a catalyst to the now open discussion and conversations about drug addiction amongst the white working and middle class. Before Monaghan, many people and news outlets ignored the plight of the working class wh seemed to have responded with their feelings during the presidential elections.

Originally from the West of Ireland, Anthony Monaghan owns and operates Irish Construction, a successful masonry company in St. Louis, Missouri. He is better known, however, as the founder of Monaghan Productions and as the director and producer of Rednecks + Culchies, the internationally acclaimed feature-length documentary that takes a hard look at the struggles of the American working class with addiction. A groundbreaking study of the ravaging and proliferating opioid epidemic, this film has established a huge fan base worldwide. It was one of the most successful independent films dealing with America’s apathy for the poor and the drug and opioid crisis. Long before the middle-class drug epidemic became a trending topic, Monaghan was opening people’s eyes about addiction.

“I saw so much in my construction business and just living in St. Louis that I wanted the world to be aware of the problem and a hopeful solution. There is a real class issue in this country and globally that needs to be addressed and everyone was ignoring it.”

Although Anthony won critical acclaim and praise in the United States, Ireland was not so open about him detailing their issues as a result he was often shut down by the media. “Its disheartening that everything is so cliquey in Ireland and people are afraid to speak against the system but there is a lot that needs to be done to help the people of Ireland especially the working class and I’m going to tell the other side of Ireland’s story no matter who like it or not,” said Monaghan.Monaghan is doing just that as he is in pre-production for a new documentary that will be filmed in his homeland.

Long before crossing the Atlantic in pursuit of the American Dream, Monaghan was a struggling immigrant. At the tender age of 15, he had no choice but to leave his happy home in Ireland to find work. His first job abroad was picking potatoes in England where he encountered relentless racism and was subsequently underpaid and treated with hostility. Sadly, this has been the story of the Irish for countless generations. Today, Anthony has a horse farm in his hometown of Belmullet, County Mayo where he visits, at least, twice a year. It is apparent to him that the tragic necessity to emigrate is still a harsh reality in Ireland and is only getting worse. He is confounded that such a beautiful country, so rich in resources and abundant in willing and able men and women, cannot provide enough jobs for its own citizens, forcing them to move to foreign lands. He is angered that the politics and media of Ireland, with their own hidden and often shared agendas, do not support the Irish people, especially the working class. With the help of fellow countrymen, both recognized and unknown, Anthony Monaghan will be addressing these injustices in-depth in My Ireland, a documentary by the Irish for the Irish.

Despite the critical success of Rednecks + Culchies Monaghan says he feels exploited by the distribution company and wants to do things differently this time around. Monaghan wants to be absolutely independent for this next film. He is hoping to get funding for this new endeavor and is determined to do the issue of Irish emigration justice with a brilliant production. He is, also, inviting anyone from Ireland with a strong story that resonates with this topic to contact Monaghan Productions directly for a chance to be in the upcoming film. To share personal experiences and/or contribute monetarily, please visit www.monaghanproductions.com, and stay tuned for My Ireland!