This Emmy-Nominated Producer Is About to Change the Game and is Breaking Stars in the Process

Abesi Manyando
3 min readOct 6, 2020

Saint Louis based, Producer, Rick tha Ruler is utilizing music and television to elevate the city while investing in the future of young producers.

It’s one thing to be a producer and be able to lend your expertise to talented musicians across the globe. However, not everyone is privy to having Rihanna and Saturday Night Live bragging rights. St Louis native Aleric “Rick tha Rular” Banks is a percussionist, composer, and producer, who along with Monique Hines composed the music for two well-noted Saturday Night Live skits, “Like a Boss” and “Shy Ronnie,” which were both nominated for Emmys.

Further proving his innate abilities to create sonically unique music, Rick scored another major win when he collaborated with electronic giant Bosch. He added another massive victory to his resume when the trailer he contributed to for “Unfinished Business starting Vince Vaughn, Sienna Miller, and Dave Franco ran during Super Bowl XLIX. The St. Louis hitmaker has since worked with stars like hip hop legend Nelly and Owl City.

Since his astronomical rise to producing stardom, Rick has always been ahead of the curve. He has had his ups and downs for sure. But he really had big hopes for 2020. That was until Covid 19 put a pause on everything. Everything shut down and the entertainment industry was hit hard. So many transformational difficulties could have caused most people to quit but the St. Louis native is not most people.

“Hardship has been a theme in my life and I think a theme for many people rising out of St. Louis but I take it in stride and allow it to develop me. Its made me greater and more creative. You imagine more and create more when you have less to work with. Your brain substitutes the inequities you face.”

Rick goes on to explain how growing up in St. Louis was far from easy. The producer who has become a go-to magnet for commercial jingles and artists in search of hits tells the story with a surprising smile. Rick became no stranger to adversity as his childhood was filled with overwhelming circumstances. Perhaps this was a preparation for things to come. Through faith and key connections, Rick never faltered. “I believe that everything happens for a reason. Just…