This National Black Home School Expo Is Elevating Education and Liberating Parents In A Major Way!

Abesi Manyando
3 min readJul 14, 2018
Queen Taese with students. SHAKEESHA SEMONE JEFFRIES

The foundation of success for many children lies within parental guidance, support and most importantly educational structure. In the past few years there has been a dramatic increase in home school, particularly within the African-American community. The Atlantic newspaper, reports that “although Black students only make up 16 percent of all public-school students nationwide, they now account for 10 percent of the homeschooling population and these numbers are rising rapidly.”

There are many factors that have triggered the rise of African-American parents to opt out of traditional education. Some parents feel there is a cultural disconnection and the educational system still has elements of racism attached to its curriculum. Specific examples are detailed in my previous article about the rise of Black HomeSchool via The Huffington Post. Parents who opted to home school believe that their children are not being properly and correctly educated about their history, culture and sense of being.

Liberated Minds Expo

Leading National Home School Educator and Speaker, Queen Taese Snowden is the creator of the internationally renowned Liberated Minds Black Home School Expo. This interactive massive expo attracts thousands of people from different states and corners of the globe. Snowden explained that so many factors are causing the shift away from traditional schooling. “Many Black people are now waking up to the fact that the public school system cannot offer their children a liberating education, where their natural gifts are nurtured in the right cultural context. I have been homeschooling for 20 years and the rewards incredibly outweigh the challenges. One of the most cherished aspects has been being able to bond with my children in a way that is invaluable. Learning and living with our culture as a foundation has been pivotal in setting high expectations for my family. We have grown together in this experience and I have been able to see my children actualize so many of their goals at a tender age. Black homeschooling is no longer just looked at as an anomaly. It is clearly spreading like wildfire and the results are consistently proving to be astronomically successful in transforming the minds of Black children to be thinkers and solvers of the critical problems plaguing the Black community. There is an immense need in our community to educate our own children,”she shared.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Queen Taese created The Liberated Minds Education Expo in 2012 to meet this overnight flourishing need. “It was created with a vision to transform, empower, and assist Black Homeschoolers, parents, and educators, in becoming more competent and confident in cultivating the inherent genius in our children and provide them with the knowledge, wisdom, and winning mindset that it takes to revitalize, preserve and protect our culture, our families, and our future,” Snowden said.

The Liberated Minds Expo offers training workshops taught by extraordinary parents and educators, as well as top Black scholars from the likes of Dr. Runoko Rashidi, Dr. Marimba Ani, Dr. Chike Akua, Mwalimu Baruti, Dr. Claud Anderson, Dr. Samori Camara and more, all whom have instructed various years at The Liberated Minds Expo. In addition, she incorporated an all Black marketplace of over 100 vendor exhibitors with Afrikan-centered curriculum materials, books, games, support groups, enrichment programs, and Black family resources that wholistically complement our needs, and networking all in one sacred space, that has literally saved lives and assisted in the critical paradigm shift for Black Education as we know it today. After years of purpose-filled success in providing critical resources and support, the Liberated Minds Expo has become world renown and attracted thousands from across the U.S. and around the world.

The 7th Annual Gathering is July 13–15, 2018 in Atlanta. The Expo has become“The Family Reunion of Afrikan-centered Education”. Visit