Go Butterfli: This On -Demand Transportation Service Is Making Life Easier for the Disabled and Seniors

Abesi Manyando
2 min readApr 20, 2018

For people living with disabilities, accessibility to transportation shouldn’t be another factor that makes their lives more complicated. Transportation is critical to having access to work and social events. More importantly, “transportation provides a vital lifeline for people with disabilities to access employment, education, healthcare, and community life. Transportation services allow individuals with disabilities to live independently within their communities,” states ARC.

Unfortunately despite the fact that The ADA Title II made it illegal for commuter rails, and subway systems to discriminate against people with disabilities sometimes what was not taken into consideration is that Public transportation can still be a hassle for people with disabilities. On demand services such as Uber and Lyft don’t always have easy accommodations for the disabled.

All of this is changing, thanks to an innovative new on demand service for disabled people and seniors. As the co-founder of Butterfli, Delilah Lanoix’s company is making life a lot easier for people living with disabilities and improving their access to transportation.

Lanoix has been transporting people with special needs for 18 years. She always wanted to be able to respond to on-demand requests, Butterfli has built a network of hundreds of transportation companies that cater to the elderly and people with special needs.

“We’ve created a platform that links caring small businesses together into a network that can handle on-demand requests. It’s important for us to be able to give options to people who don’t always have a lot of options. Now everyone can go where they want to go,” said Lanoix.

On-demand mobility is something most of us have come to expect, but if you need some assistance or a specialized vehicle, it’s a different story with limited options. With Butterfli, you could press a button on your phone and a trained driver can pick you up in your wheelchair and take you to your desired destination. Now that’s how you even out the playing field for those who are disabled. Everyone deserves equal access to transportation! Learn more about Butterfli on their website.