When It Comes to Your Health, Just Listen to Your Body

Abesi Manyando
4 min readAug 27, 2019

Dr. Bobby Price, Author of “Vegucation Over Medication” shares how your body is trying to tell you something through fatigue, ailments and disease.

If you feel sluggish, down and unmotivated at times chances are your diet may be responsible. I admit we all get tired and drained in this fast paced life. More and more people have now even began encouraging adults to take naps during the day. Arianna Huffington talks extensively about this in her book, The Sleep Revolution and encourages bosses to reserve nap time for their employees via a nap room. This isn’t new as in Spain people go home for a Siesta after lunch and in Italy a riposo. They are all different names for naps. Getting enough sleep is important but should we really be that tired after eating or in our day to day work? I think it depends on our diet. Like seriously why are we that tired? What is our body saying to us?

I know that if I don’t work out regularly I’m more inclined to be tired. When I eat food filled with starches or a heavy meal I also do get tired and feel sleepy but when I eat healthier and lots of fruits and vegetables I have more energy. Pharmacist turned plant-based nutritionist and exercise physiologist, Dr. Bobby J. Price believes that our health, energy and how our body feels is based on our food choices. He writes about this in “Vegucation Over Medication,” stating that the key to great health is a plant based diet. “The magic is in our food,” he shared. “The body you identify with is a very fluid concept and you are much younger than you think. However if you eat fast cheap foods you will be tired and you will age quickly and deteriorate at the same pace.

But if you adopt a plant-based diet lifestyle devoid of meat, dairy and processed pseudo foods you’ll maintain a youthful appearance and live a higher quality of life with less fatigue and disease. The primary building…

Abesi Manyando