Tiffany Young of The Pink Hotel launches Entrepreneur University

Atlanta is filled with many popular venues for parties, retreats, and good times but when it comes to choosing a one-of-a-kind, plush, A-list-style venue there is only one destination that celebrities prefer and that is The Pink Hotel. Operated by Hotelier and Author, Tiffany N. Young, The Pink Hotel is a preeminent luxury hotel that serves as an entertainment dream for birthday parties, get-togethers, and event launches. Sean “Diddy” Combs, Shaquille O’ Neal, and Grammy-winning Rapper, Future are just some of the celebrities who had events for their kids at The Pink Hotel. Now, after finding enormous success with her…

Renee Howitt’s organization has become a social necessity

image via verywellmind.

No More Family Holiday Drama in 2020 hopefully.

The holidays are supposed to be the happiest time of the year but for those families who experience dysfunction and carry trauma it can be the most uncomfortable time of the year. How can families maintain peace during the holiday if they suffer from underlying issues that impact how they get along? Well one organization has been at the forefront of breaking generational dysfunction through education and training all year round. …

This top documentary examines the complexity of race and history in a small Georgia town

November 3, 2020

On this episode of Sessions with Ab, Abesi sits down with the creators of the highly rated CBSN documentary, “Welcome to Pine Lake.” Director, Elisa Gambino and Executive Producer, Wendy Eley Jackson talk about the documentary that has captivated the country in a year where race and politics could not be ignored.

“Welcome to Pine Lake,” is a unique story of a tiny peaceful town in Georgia that presents itself as an inclusive oasis where nature is revered, artists are celebrated, and…

…and check out the brands who are supporting Stephanie Jester’s quest to help women heal and thrive.

2020 has been the year no one will ever forget. Between Covid, politics and race, so much has occurred that it has left many people in a state of uncertainty and anxiety. With so many unexpected twists and turns, it has been difficult to get a grip of life, purpose and find peace in a situation that is foreign to everyone. How can can anyone be well with all the dramatic dynamics that we are experiencing?

This weekend, World Mental Day gave a chilling perspective and deeper understanding of how so many people and (women especially) are struggling to…

Saint Louis based, Producer, Rick tha Ruler is utilizing music and television to elevate the city while investing in the future of young producers.

It’s one thing to be a producer and be able to lend your expertise to talented musicians across the globe. However, not everyone is privy to having Rihanna and Saturday Night Live bragging rights. St Louis native Aleric “Rick tha Rular” Banks is a percussionist, composer, and producer, who along with Monique Hines composed the music for two well-noted Saturday Night Live skits, “Like a Boss” and “Shy Ronnie,” which were both nominated for Emmys.


Chronic Pain Specialist, Dr. Ramis Gheith believes the epidemic is soaring during the pandemic.

The opioid epidemic has gripped this nation for over two decades and is now getting worse! The CDC estimates over 450,000 opioid related deaths from 1999 thru 2018! Since COVID-19 the stress of the pandemic has worsened underlying conditions including depression, anxiety, stress and has lead to a decline in activity for most patients. All together, these factors lead to worsening chronic pain, substance abuse and suicide rates all of which have worsened during the pandemic. The decline in function and loss of social interactions continue…

JaOhn Cooper, Executive Director and CEO of Kings and Queens Health has built the Go-To Health facility in Missouri

photo credit of JaOhn Cooper by Mena Darre

Life throws us unexpected curve balls. We’ve seen this during the pandemic. Despite trials and circumstances we must persist and continue to dream big and push through. Over the years it is those who sow the seeds during their hardest days that reap the benefits of their labor.

JaOhn Cooper was a single mother, healthcare worker and caregiver for her parents who were experiencing a decline in their health. Torn between caring for her parents and providing for her children, Cooper…

Director, Maik Schuster’s riveting film explores ‘what we see.’

Image courtesy of I am here
Image courtesy of I am here

Imagine the inception of a film beginning with a simple instagram post and question? What does it feel like to be isolated? To a skeptic this may seem a bit unordinary right? Not for Director, Maik Schuster. A simple question transpired into an inescapable visual vignette on film. The stories of people sharing their fears, anxiety, hopes and dream through a series of online interviews is beautifully and at times disturbingly captured in this poignant film. It is all in real reality- with no influence or spins. Just honesty and transparency. “What We See” is vulnerability in its most authentic…

This Go-go documentary explores the music that defined Washington D.C and airs Sunday.

This weekend has been a celebration of Juneteenth and everything Black. From History, to Music, to beauty and science. The culture is taking full control of the narrative and disseminating factual information about Black history, culture and music. TV One’s “The Beat Don’t Stop” celebrates the official Sound of Washington, D.C, Go go music. You may think you are unfamiliar with Go go music but chances are that you probably love the music and didn’t even know what it was or its history. Birthed by the legendary…

Looking For Fun? This Virtual Event Planning Company Is All You Need To Get Through the Pandemic!

From Children’s activities to holidays, birthdays and hangouts, Punch Bowl Virtual Events has been offering electrifying and interactive experiences that make you feel closer from afar.

Lockdown shouldn’t mean you are locked out of having fun right? How can we communicate and party while staying safe and following CDC guidelines and protocols? How can we fulfill the void of interaction? This is a question on the minds of everyone around the world. Entrepreneurs, Arron Bright and Anissa Rochester have solved this equation. Their…

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